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Jason & Stacey Mays

Lead Pastors

Jason and Stacey Mays have been the lead pastors for thirteen(16) years. 

They have led the church through many changes and dynamic growth. 

They have 3 children: Ethan (19), Blake (18) and Hadleigh (17 going on 21!)

Living Truth Student Ministries

Next Generation Building

Stacey Mays

Stacey Mays is currently leading the Youth Ministry. 
Yes she IS the Pastor's wife, but make no mistake she has been in Youth Ministry for nearly two decades and has a passion for developing the next(NOW) generation of leaders!  

Generation His Kids Ministry

Growing the Church of Tomorrow

Josh and Sarah Miles

Josh and Sarah have been directing the Children's ministry for 2 years. 
Serving as teachers within the school district makes them uniquely connected to the needs of children.

Engage Group Ministry

Creating Opportunities for Quality Relationships

Yankton & Stacey Hatten

Yankton and Stacey have been with Living Truth Fellowship for the past 7 years. 
They have served as Worship Pastor and Associate Pastors. They currently are leading the charge in our Small Group Ministry.