In keeping with the recommendations put forth by the North Texas District, Governor's Office and the CDC, here is the plan for re-open:

  1. Everyone will need to sanitize their hands when they enter the building.
  2. Door Greeters will wear gloves and masks.
  3. NO COFFEE AND DONUTS!!! That area will be shut down and everyone will be asked to not linger in the foyer.
  4. Please refrain from Hand shaking at this time!
  5. In the Sanctuary:
    1. Families will sit together in groups with a two seat spacing between each group. Dismissal at end of service will be one row at a time to maintain social distancing procedures. 
    2. Giving Options will be either online or dropping in the drop box located in Foyer.
    3. Parents of any child sitting in service will be required to accompany their child(ren) to the restroom to make sure that they wash hands afterward.
  6. In Children’s Ministry or Nursery:
    1. Social Distancing requirements must be maintained.
    2. All children will have their temperature taken as a part of the check-in process. A parent MUST accompany at check-in. Any child presenting fever, will not be allowed in the Kids service, and will sit with their parent for service.
    3. If any child or family member of that child has had fever, vomiting or diarrhea in the 24 hrs before, they will not be allowed in Children’s Church or Nursery(THIS WILL BE IN PLACE UNTIL AUGUST).
      1. Example 1: Child one has been vomiting, siblings cannot come to Children’s Church or Nursery and Child One should stay home...siblings must stay with their parents. 
      2. Example 2: Parent has been sick, children must stay in service with the well parent; they will not be allowed in Children’s Church or Nursery. Leader or volunteer will accompany any child that goes to the restroom to ensure that they wash hands afterward.